Friday, December 23, 2011

Review - Zombie Honeymoon

Well, what can I say about this film that wasn't already said about A Tale of Two Cities...well a lot actually because A Tale of Two Cities is a classic and this movie is an overly dramatic pile of poo. Please understand that I never prejudge a movie on production value or sound or well, anything, I judge on content and this movie is bleeehhhhhhck. Spoilers may follow.
It starts with a happy young punk/hipster couple getting married and going on a romantic month long get away to the lovely....jersey shore...that’s right the jersey shore. Now I was intrigued because Snooki scares the bejesus out of me and I wanted that kind of visceral scare. Unfortunately I was sorely disappointed as no guidos were present in this zombie classic. So over tanned fake Italians aside, Denise and Danny (our newly weds) embark on their new lives. They start this like many young newlyweds do by doing it in the back yard then going surfing. Wellllll as Danny boy is taking a nap a seaweed covered zombie emerges from the water and attacks him....thought it was for a second but still no the zombie attacks it vomits blood all over young Danny and causes Danny to go into cardiac arrest. If only this movie would have ended there. Later at the hospital our hero(?) comes miraculously back to life to the delight of his wife and my dismay.

When they get back home and Danny is different, and by different I mean eating people. This is really where the movie swerves into stupid country. Sweet, sweet baby Denise thinks this is icky and odd but still loves her man. This continues as he eats more and more people, and may I add people closer to both of them....but she looooves him so its okay.

You may think by this point this is a comedy but no, no its not. This crap fest is filled with way to many overly dramatic pauses and moments that do not add anything to it. You start to feel like he should eat her dumb ass to put her out of our collective misery. It ends the way you think it will but hope it wont.
I’m not saying to avoid this film, in fact celebrate it with a loved one and point out to them you would put them down like a rabid dog if they ever started eating people.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Rise of Nightmares (Xbox 360)

Ever since the Xbox 360 Kinect hardware was announced my imagination ran wild thinking of all the different horror themes and how the Kinect versions of them would play out. I mean can you imagine a Saw game where you are in the trap and have to release yourself with real world movement?!?! Fast forward to the end of summer and you will see Kinect owners drowning in a sea of party games and sports/action titles. Along comes Rise of Nightmares promising new game play that did not involve a sport and was horror themed. Imagine my excitement after seeing a few videos of these playing. Did R.O.N go the distance and breath some life into a rather stale game assortment for Kinect owners? Does it take the survival horror genre in a whole new direction with an all new layer of game play? Kinda of and kind of not. Read on for "the skinny" when it comes to Sega's latest foray into horror.

Right off the bat this game screams House of the Dead in not only game play, but voice acting, art, and almost everything else. This is not a bad thing because I loved the series, but did hope R.O.N would not be an exact rip off, and it was not. The story is so so and pretty basic. You play as Josh who is on a trip with his girlfriend Kate, who busts his alcoholic ass before the train can crash. And you start the search for a missing Kate. You will interact with others from time to time, all of which felt really stereotypical and once again reminded me of characters from Sega's House of the Dead.The levels are broken out into 10 acts much like another shoot em up Sega title (Ahem.. House of the Dead). The level design was a lot better than I expected and the enemies were varied enough to keep your eyeballs into it. A decent amount of time went into the design of the enemies and some like the zombies look awesome, while other filler types like cyborgs looked cheap. The sound was nothing super awesome but did the trick and voice acting was as expected being on par with House of the Dead.

Oh the flipping controls. Thank god I did not have an actual controller in my hand or it would have went from one to one thousand pieces before act 3. I had plenty of issues while in "flailing combat" where Josh would just start going backward or forward. In battle this was easily the most frustrating thing I found in the game. I did get a little better later on by making my movements more of a lunge, versus the step a normal human would take. The addition of an auto-walk button was a god sent at times but felt like they knew something was broken and just offered a band-aid versus a repair. Recalibrating the sensor did nothing to remedy the movement. Luckily the robust weapon choices and gore filled combat made the trip through each act doable.The Kinect has very little in the way of games that rock outside of the genres already mentioned. If you like the House of the Dead series, as I do, you would be a miss to not at least rent this title. It would also give your Kinect a break from make believe pets and boring ass party games. I really hope to see more developers embrace the Kinect and take a chance at making something different. If it is fun and engaging I have no issue standing all day and flailing like a sweaty fool.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday the 13th double-feature

Stay up late with Jason Voorhees, if you dare, for a rare 35mm double-feature of Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986) on Friday, January 13, 2012 at the historic Vista Theater in Los Angeles.

The evening will be hosted by La-La Land Records, Creature Features and, in celebration of the premiere soundtrack release of Friday the 13th Parts I-VI, A Limited Edition 6-CD Box Set, featuring composer Harry Manfredini’s acclaimed, never-before-officially-released Friday the 13th scores.

Between the films, a Q&A panel will be hosted by managing editor Ryan Turek. Special guests will include Friday the 13th and Friday the 13th Part 2’s Adrienne King, composer Harry Manfredini, and Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives actors Thom Mathews, David Kagen, Darcy DeMoss, Vinnie Guastaferro and Nancy McLoughlin. More guests to be announced!

The event will serve as the release party for the Friday the 13th Parts I-VI box set, available in a limited edition of 1300 units. The box set includes 6 CDs and a 40-page book, and will be available for $70. (CASH ONLY, sales tax included). The box set will also be sold at starting Jan. 13, 2012.

Special event-only merchandise, created exclusively for this screening, will also be on hand!

WHERE: The Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027
WHEN: Friday, January 13, 2012 @ 9:30pm

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Batman: Arkham City - Review

Welcome to yet another fantastic fall/holiday rush of AAA titles. I start to sweat with excitement when I think of this time of year. When the last Batman game in this series Arkham Asylum was released I intentionally passed over it, even though every friend and media outlet was gushing like a nerd at comic con. My reason for this mistake was based solely on the amount of games with super heroes attached that completely sucked ass. I will not bother making the list because I do not need carpel tunnel that bad. I think my point is pretty obvious and I am not alone in thinking these companies have made a lot of quick cash by flipping a turd with a super heroes name on it. So Arkham Asylum landed on my Christmas present filler list because it was about 20 or so bucks and I did not want to waste the cash. Low and behold the Almighty holiday came and so did a neatly wrapped copy of Batman AA. I was on holiday break and decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. From that point I did not eject the disc from my Xbox 360 until the main quest was complete, which is pretty rare for me and my 30 second attention span. Since the announcement of the sequel at the 2009 Spike VGAs I have been waiting patiently to play this one through just as the last. And let me tell you it was damn well worth the wait.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Review - Panic Button (2011)

Panic button is a great representation of how a small movie with an even smaller cast can come across as a film with a much bigger scope than its means. It also represents a very real threat to us here in the digital age and that means a very real, palpable horror as well.
Panic button centers on four characters, each from different walks of life, who find themselves the winners of a social network site's contest that puts them on a private jet headed straight to the big apple for an all expense paid vacation of fun in the US. Right away, our all British cast almost gurantees a well rounded crew of capable actors (Not to digress here, but how many British productions do you see that have less than adequate acting chops among their central thespians? Scones and acting... those Brits bring their A-game). After brief introductions in the airport, our winners board their ride and are almost immediately treated to a game of " who's the biggest scumbag" MC'd by an on-board computer representing All2Gethr, the social network site that is soon to become the film's antagonist. It is here that the real horror of Panic Button shows its pearly whites. Horror is more than the killer in the closet, the monster under the bed or the maniac with a master plan to prove his demented philosophies to his victims. Horror is around us, laying in wait, packaged as a nice slick service that connects us to our friends all the while nearing closer to our jugular with a serrated blade. 
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Yuletide Terror - What to get the Horror Fan this X-Mas!!! (Part One: Video Games)

We horror fans can be a finicky bunch and buying for us can often seem like a nightmare. In light of this little dilemma, I have decided to take it upon myself to write this handy guide to what to buy this holiday season. Here you will find video games, DVDs, toys and maybe even a few little plush monstrosities to fill those stockings. Just remember, no matter how frustrated you get... BACK AWAY FROM THE SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR!!!! Especially if you're shopping at a second hand store... I mean, really?!?!? That's how germs are spread. Shall we begin?


Horror fans might find the wii a little too family friendly friendly for their tastes. That being said, there are still some great titles to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline surging.

Dead Space: Extraction
Although I haven't played this particular title, the Dead Space franchise seems to be a mainstay in the industry and I've heard good things about this shooter. There is also an enhanced version for those PS3 owners out there that ports over the wii controls for the Playstation Move.

Buy Now from Amazon

The House of the Dead: Overkill
This one is not for the pint-sized zombies in your house, unless you want your nine year old going to school sounding like Samuel Jackson on a smack binge...
For the most part HOTD: Overkill sets out to do exactly what it promises: zombies, gore, a huge nod to exploitation cinema and a lot of fun. Although a little repetitive and featuring some pretty clunky reload action, this is a title you'll be glad you have for when the New Years revelers show up with dip and that jailhouse toilet-wine your friend Rodney makes.

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Cursed Mountain
Cursed Mountain in no way references the stack of nudie mags in your shed that your uncle left you when he went into the clink. What is does is provide a wii exclusive (console anyways) horror game that is heavy on atmosphere and story.

Buy Now from Amazon

You might also want to check out:
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Resident Evil 4


PS3 is admittedly my console of choice. I know there are a lot of 360 purists out there, but I was sold on the bluray playback, so nanner, nanner, nanner. (Of course if I was making my game selections solely for Playstation Network accessibility I would have been sitting on a watertower somewhere with an assault rifle earlier this year, so go figure)

Although not a "look-over-your-shoulder" title, Splaterhouse delivers on so many levels for the die-hard gorehound. For those that remember the original Splatterhouse in the late 80s, you are going to bathe in blood soaked nostalgia. For those that don't, well... bask in your youth and go chase girls and backpack across Europe... what the hell are you doing sitting around playing video games, anyways?!?!?

Buy for the PS3 on Amazon    Buy for XBOX 360 on Amazon

Siren Blood Curse
Although I was not a huge fan of the controls of this game (using the games' patented Epileptic-at-a-Rave technology) I have been told that should I stick it out Blood Curse proves itself to be quite possibly the most chill inducing horror title for the PS3. Couple that with the fact that it is a available as a download might make this one a no-brainer.

The House of the Dead: Overkill (Extended Cut)
So we might have covered this already in the Wii, but there are levels not included in that version here, PLUS... this one is 3D compatible... so you can kick ass in at least one more dimension... just like Buckaroo Bonzai...

You might also want to check out:
Dead Space 2
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare


Ok... I know there is this "cult of xbox"; xbox enthusiasts who rival the long-term supporters of Apple... they are rabid... dress in the skin of their kills and will defend their favorite console to a grisly end. However, I don't own one, so it looks like I will have to listen to the people's voice on this one and give some suggestions based on user reviews and what not...

Dead Island
Oh yeah... zombies and a place where you are almost guaranteed hot towels monogramed with the emblem of the resort and its faceless parent company... throw in a volleyball and we are all over it!!! Better yet, read  our in depth review of it here and get the real skinny!!! Read our Review

Rise of Nightmares

Its the first M-rated game for the Kinect and although we were all hoping this would be that long rumored first person Ron Jeremy "shooter" alas... it is Rise of Nightmares. However, its nice to see Kinect stepping up with a nice horror title such as this, AND, xbox has been promoting it pretty heavily took which is refreshing. Search for your missing wife amidst zombies and try not to become dinner... I still think it might have benefitted from Mr. Jeremy at the helm, but my pleas for common sense go unanswered.

Dead Rising 2

Play it some more, same as before. More zombies need to be killed inventively and its up to you to come back to Dead Rising for another round. I enjoy this franchise and its base element is really a huge love letter to fans of horror and zombie cinema. Use whatever you can to dispatch of the undead... and in a move that equals a hiroshima of the rotting and shambling... Celine Dion is your secret weapon (this is a joke... well its actually two jokes if you count Ms. Dion... so don't go scouring the net for Celine Dion DLC for Dead Rising 2... but if you do, and you find something... I want it).

These are just a few, but based on either personal experience or a lot of positive reviews web-wide... you really can't go wrong with these titles.

Next stop... Blurays, DVDs and all those films that fit snugly in a sock nailed to your fireplace (not that sock, we've talked about that sock) ... this might take a while, but we promise we'll be done before you hear those familiar footsteps on the rooftop...
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Monday, October 17, 2011

News: Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead (Comic)

On October 11th artistic mastermind Dennis Willman reveals his newest creation, Ginger-Stein, to the world. Ginger-Stein is the title of a multimedia horror/sci-fi project that is written, created, and illustrated by Willman and is unlike anything the horror audience has ever seen.
Ginger-Stein: Rise of the Undead is the first in a set of six comic book mini-series featuring horror’s hottest new heroine. The story and artwork are deeply rooted in 1980’s horror and sci-fi nostalgia. The violence is over-the-top, and like any good 80’s horror story, there’s sex, drugs, and a breaking of all the rules of how to survive a horror film. All characters in the series are based on models, including notable names such as Leslie Easterbrook (The Devil’s Rejects), Belinda Balaski (The HowlingPirahna), Tiffany Shepis (The Frankenstein Syndrome), Sarah French, and Joe Knetter. Primary models Monique DuPree, Elske McCain, DeeDee Bigelow, Landyn Banx, Deneen Melody, Cari Thompson, Bianca Barnett, Cyndi Crotts and Bobby Ray Akers, Jr., make up just a portion of this eclectic cast.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review - Hack/Slash #6

Hack/Slash #6 by Image Comics. Written by Tim Seeley. Drawn by Daniel Leister. $3.50.

This issue leads into the new storyline that mostly centers around Cassie and Vlad. She is seeing Slashers kill people in her dreams and heads to LA to find out who the slasher is and to kill them.

It makes fun of Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore and rappers all in one issue. Once again the artwork is back with the regular artist and doesn't miss a beat in this issue either.

The comic is simply a guilty pleasure to all the fans. Tim Seeley brings his creations to life but is not scared of playing around with them as well. I think he has had a better time at it since he has moved to Image Comics, and will continue to bring out a solid book for the fans.

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Review - Hellblazer #281

Hellblazer #281 by Vertigo/DC comics. Written by Peter Milliagn, Drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli. $2.99

Part five, and the end to the storyline of Phantom Pains. In this issue Gemma finally springs her trap on John only to find out she might have been mistaken. The demon looks like a half hawk and half female, taking the form of one of the Furies and proceeds to kick Johns ass as he struggles with something he thought he got rid of: fear.

The story has been compelling, showing John in a different light as he is now married and has other things to worry about. Gemma on the other hand seems to be in a world of her own, or that they are trying to develop her as a mage in her own right. Renee, his new wife, is one hell of a alchemist and I can only assume that she will become more and more intertwined in future story as they are written.

One note here, DC, the owner of Vertigo, has decided to bring John Constantine back into the "super-hero" universe. It isn't certain if this will impact future issue of the Vertigo title or if the "super-hero" John Constantine will be a separate entity in himself.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review - Gore #3

Gore #3 by GG Studios. Written by Alex Crippa, Drawn By Emilio Laiso. $2.99

Ok, I think it is time to let this one go. I have given the art a good review and stood by for three issues to give it some "room" to develop, but now it just seems slow going and some S&M's idea of a fairytale.

The guy can draw, I will give him that. His women look very hot but his men all look fat or they have a chin bigger than Jay Leno's. His designs for the "evil" fairytale people, are unique but make me think I am getting ready to read a S&M comic or a snuff film.

The story and characters are not developing very well. You can barely tell what fairytale person is who, and when they introduce a new one, like in this issue, they don't even tell you who they are. It is getting confusing as hell.

I think the writer had a good idea, it was a interesting take on the fairy tales, but he seems be too slow in developing it. I want to know more about the "evil" people not just see the main "hero" run around all the time in the story. Plus it seems the "evil" females are more thought out then the males, making this, in all honesty, a tits and ass comic.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review - Witch Doctor #2

Witch Doctor #2 by Image Comics. Written by Brandon Seifert and Drawn by Lukas Ketner.

I'm sorry this cover is funny. I have seen guys give worse looks at a baby when it shits its pants, I can imagine the look anyone would give it if it looked this this, lol.

Oh my god this issue is hilarious and so many baby jokes that will make you laugh your ass off. How do you get a demon baby to drop its glamour? " Shake a baby! Shake it like a Polaroid picture! --of an Etch-a-sketch--and some Maracas!" And that is just from two panels.

These guys are hitting the mark like a bullet from a gun. It just gets better and better. The artwork brings eerie visuals to the creations of the demons and the writing is just fantastic, it keeps you reading and puts the humor in perfectly. They have also made it easier to read by explaining the more "doctor terms" in the story. I know this is just a four issue limited series, but I hope they make it a monthly because it is one of the better titles to come out in the comic world recently. This is a definite buy for any fan of the paranormal, horror, even metaphysical style of comic reading and collecting.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Review - American Vampire #17

American Vampire #17 by Vertigo/DC Comics. Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. $2.99.

"All Right you ugly you made me mad!" Skinner Sweet.

Ghost War continues as the group breaks out of their cells and with Skinner in the lead, start killing anyone in their way. But almost all is lost when they are trapped and see no way out.

This issue is a blood bath. After waiting for Snyder to have Skinner cut loose, you get to see him ripping the Axis forces like a knife through butter. Rafael just brings on the pain as his visuals bring to life the race to escape and the gory blood bath that Skinner gives to any in their way.

When all but Henry seems to be dead, Skinner saves him so he can kill him himself only to be stopped by Pearl, who masqueraded as a nurse to get to the island.

The next issue will be a shit-kicker, since Skinner and Pearl will finally square off against each other, with Henry as the prize.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review - Rachel Rising #1

Rachel Rising #1 by Abstract Studios. Written & Drawn by Terry Moore. $3.99.

"Death s not the worst thing that can happen to you." Plato.

Terry Moore is known for his series Strangers In Paradise that was praised by anyone that read it. He has written or drawn titles for Marvel and DC over the years but still loves the self-publishing freedom to write what he wants to.

The story starts out with Rachel dead and buried. But as a mysterious woman looks over her make shift grave, she comes to life and forces her way out and stumbles away. She then goes home and tries to piece together what happened to her.

Terry is known for telling a lot of his story in the pictures without words and most of this comic is that way. But don't be fooled, he is a master at doing it. He makes completely thought out characters, even the not so important supporting cast, that compel you to read his comics and want to see what happens. This title is no exception.

Being as it is just the beginning, you are left hanging at the end, but it just makes you want to see the next issue even more. Though this is his first endeavor into the horror genre, with his past accomplishments, I am sure this will be another winner for him.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Review - Severed #1

Severed #1 by Image Comics. Written by Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft. Drawn by Attila Futaki. $2.99.

Severed is set in the 1900's and follows a young boy that plays a violin. You start off seeing the boy as a old man as he tells you his story. He was a orphan that was adopted and after getting a note from his real father, decides to go find him, so he runs off to hop a train.

I understand where they are trying to go with this title, but the first issue is a bit slow. Setting up the title is always hard and keeping the readers coming back even harder, but so far the story doesn't do that. You do get to see some creepy old man in the final page, but I can only assume that the coming issues will be better.

Scott Snyder, of American Vampire fame, is a fantastic writer, but co-writing this makes you wander if he plotted it, or just helped come up with the idea, because it doesn't seem to have the same flair as his other works.

If you are looking for a really scary comic, so far this isn't it. Should you give it a few issues to get its blood going, yes. I think it will get better as the story develops. But in a industry that tries to grab you into the title and keep you there from the beginning, this didn't do it for me.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review - 30 Days of Night Night, Again #3,4

30 Days of Night Night #3 & 4, by IDW. Written by Joe R Lansdale. Drawn by Sam Keith. $3.99.

Ugh, this was a painful two issue to get through. I finished getting the limited series in hopes that it might get even slightly better, but Oh was I wrong.

It sucks. Plain and simple, it sucks. Not like Crossed, penis' flying sucks, more like who wrote this crap and did Sam Keith even give a shit about the artwork, sucks.

I remember when Sam Keith came out and was like the hottest thing. His style was different and unique, more so than many of the current artists. But, my god, you would think he might at least try to do better, this just looks like he wanted a paycheck.

The story is crap, the vampires are crap, the dead Golem that they burn to melt so it can take over the last survivor of the group of people that came across the ice for safety, crap, how they kill the vampires crap, the ending LOADS of crap.

All I can say is if you a huge fan, and I mean Mega huge fan of Sam Keith or the 30 Days of Night series then you will love the shit out of this. Everyone else stay the fuck away, you are wasting your money.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Black Death, I'm kind of speechless with this film.

This movie is one of the best Gothic Thriller/Horror I have seen in a long time. You can't take your eyes off the film, hell you won't want too.

The film is set in the Dark ages when the Black plague flowed over Britain killing fifty-percent of the entire populace. Some believe that the plague is God's will to punish the transgressors living in Britain; others the Devil to weaken their faith.

Sean Bean is amazing in this movie, as he is in any medieval film he chooses to take part in. He is the leader of a group of men sent to investigate a village that is un-affected by the plague, hence there must be devilry at hand. In doing so he stops at a monastery to find a monk guild to lead them to the village, and a young boy, conflicted by his love for a woman and his faith, offers to take the task.

The movie keeps you guessing at every turn, not letting you know who is the real "good guy" and who is the bad. The depiction of medieval Britain as a gritty, bloody, and superstitious realm is brought to life by the director in such detail I actually cringed at some of the parts.

The story is well thought out and keeps the intrigue, horror of the time, and mystery coming at every angle, keeping you glued to your seat. Even the ending is quite a surprise if not a bit sad, but makes the movie almost come full circle.

This movie, I highly recommend, not for it's horror aspect (because if you are looking for a big monster, or Saw like gore, this isn't for you), but for the captivating story that makes you question their ethics, faith and over all motivations for doing what they do.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review - Crossed #4

Crossed #4 by Avatar. Written by David Lapham. Drawn by Raulo Caceres. $3.99.

Ahhhh my month is complete now that I get to read this piece of classical literature. Like all great stories it starts with a woman barfing and leads right into a skinned man and woman. Not to be out-done, they continue with a man having sex with a comatose woman only to slap her around because she starts to cry.

This classical piece continues with more sex and another man fantasizing about joining in by sodomizing the woman. Mark Twain would be proud. But wait, true to form, we then go to a man that had his penis cut off, probably being worn by some lovely lady as a high quality necklace.

But this issue couldn't end without a return to the high quality scene of people in a swimming pool that is full of blood and body parts that are put in it with wood chippers and mowers. Oh did I mention the bodies that are being used to chop up are live children and babies. William Shakespeare himself can only dream of writing this good of a story.

Oh fuck, I can't believe I got thru this review with out drowning in the bullshit I have been spewing. Once again this comic and story is the biggest piece of shit I have read since the last issues. Really, it's bad, so bad I think Avatar should be paying it's customers to read this, or at least do like they did in the eighties and poly-bag it with a barf-bag or better yet, a check for $3.99.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Review - American Vampire Survival of the Fittest #2

American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #2 by Vertigo/DC Comics. Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Sean Murphy. $2.99. Five Issue Limited Series.

Issue two starts with a bang as you see Dolly being confronted by Skinner Sweet in her home, only to find out it was a dream, a dream with her naked through most of it, but a dream.

We find our two heroes on the way to the Nazi castle to rescue the good Doctor. They are shot down but sill make it to the castle only to be confronted by the 77th Brigade. Let's just say that is bad, real bad.

Scott Snyder has really done well with his development of these two characters, both with the desire to rid themselves of the "taint" of Skinner Sweet. A cure they hope the good Doctor will have for them.

Sean Murphy's artwork is only rivaled by Rafael's dealing with these characters. He draws Dolly Book in a sexy deadly way that makes you want her, but are not sure if she will shoot you if you approach her. Cash on the other hand is made to be gritty, wise old man with a gun in your balls kind of guy. As well as all the other supporting cast, he really brings this limited series to life. The best part of this series is that you can enjoy it without having read the original series.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Review - American Vampire #16

American Vampire #16 by Vertigo/DC Comics. Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. $2.99.

Best line in the comic: "Semper Fi, Mother-Fuckers!" said by good old Skinner Sweet.

This issue continues the Ghost War storyline and we start with the group having been captured by the Nazi's who are making the new vampires that can hurt even Skinner.

Scott Snyder uses this issue for Henry, Pearl's husband, to reflect on his life and to come to a decision once he revels that Skinner Sweet is one of the members of the team.

I can never give enough praise for the visuals that Rafael Albuquerque brings to this comic. I am not sure that many other artists could have done this book, or done it well. He is really coming into his own, making each panel dark and foreboding, he makes you want to see the next page and what is coming.

This comic has won the Eisner Award once already and is up for it again, and i find it hard to believe it will not win. This is one title that will be a winner for Vertigo for years to come, maybe even be developed into a movie if we are lucky.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Review - Hack/Slash #5

Hack/Slash #5 by Image Comics. Written by Tim Seeley. Drawn by Kyle Strahm. $3.50.

The guest artist in this issue is fantastic, almost with a Simon Bisley feel to him, but damn it is one hell of a ride with him drawing this issue.

This is a stand alone issue that brings back Fantomah to the title. She is basically a goddess of the jungle, kind of along the lines of the Phantom. She has been captured for sixty years and comes back to her forest completely destroyed.

She comes to in list the aid of Cassie and Vlad, but ends up tricking them into attacking the regular humans that were in charge of destroying her forest, instead of slashers.

The story is your stereo-typical save the trees type of story, but the artwork just makes this issue above all the others so far. The women are sexy and very Gothic looking and Vlad just looks like the Jason want-ta-be he is. The "evil" creatures that they think they are fighting are so well drawn you almost want to give the "ewwwwwww" when you see them.

This is the best issue yet in terms of artwork. The artist really shines in this type of storytelling. As for the story itself.....eeehhhhh, it's ok. It kind of lacks a bit because of the whole "tree hugger" aspect of the story. But I suggest you pick this up just to be exposed to Kyle Strahm's artwork, well worth it.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Open Invite to the Independent Scene

We here at truly feel that there are tons of aspiring filmmakers and artists out there that have a great vision that the world should see. The editor and chief of and I were talking about this and were wondering what we could do. That's when my brain storm occurred. I said to my boss "boss...wouldn't it be fun and exhilarating to watch films that no one has seen?" and he said "Well yeah..duh".So then I said. "So big man can I request our readers send us their films and work to review?" He thought about it for a bit and said "Well its your idea so you take it and run...and don't ever call me that again" So i did a victory dance and said thanks, kissed his ring and left..he makes us all do that.
Here is the deal folks: the website is giving me the okay to give an open invitation to all indy filmmakers to send me their work. I will personally watch it all and then I will review it. I will give an honest review of the content..and not necessarily the production quality. I will tell you right now i have been part of and seen some very low quality productions but those same productions contained good content.
I also know what it is like to be stuck in a job you hate while a passion you have has to be put on the back burner. It quite possibly is one of life's worst feelings. I want to be able, if I can, to give a voice to those who haven't been able to get out their message. It is not beyond the realm of possibility to be able to link to your work or possibly put a preview up if we think it is a great effort.
I want the readers of this website to be able to not only see reviews and interviews for major releases, but I want desperately for them to see what the independent scene is doing. So I want all of you aspiring film makers whether it be for short films, full length finished products, partial edits..anything that you think will cast a good light on you and your craft to me: David Winterborne. I will also accept films that maybe you have seen and feel strongly about that other reviewers or sites have overlooked.
So if you think what you have done is good and you want light shed on it send me an email.
After i receive your mail i will give you an address to send your work to.
Hope to see tons of feedback and even more films...thanks.
**as a bit of a disclaimer let me say that although while considering budget and equipment used in my critique i will not just give it a good review because it was OK or decent..i will say it is OK or descent..and if it's bad wellllll i'm gonna say it's bad. I am a fair man with a love for film but i will not just give out passes.**
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