Monday, August 8, 2011

Review - Hack/Slash #5

Hack/Slash #5 by Image Comics. Written by Tim Seeley. Drawn by Kyle Strahm. $3.50.

The guest artist in this issue is fantastic, almost with a Simon Bisley feel to him, but damn it is one hell of a ride with him drawing this issue.

This is a stand alone issue that brings back Fantomah to the title. She is basically a goddess of the jungle, kind of along the lines of the Phantom. She has been captured for sixty years and comes back to her forest completely destroyed.

She comes to in list the aid of Cassie and Vlad, but ends up tricking them into attacking the regular humans that were in charge of destroying her forest, instead of slashers.

The story is your stereo-typical save the trees type of story, but the artwork just makes this issue above all the others so far. The women are sexy and very Gothic looking and Vlad just looks like the Jason want-ta-be he is. The "evil" creatures that they think they are fighting are so well drawn you almost want to give the "ewwwwwww" when you see them.

This is the best issue yet in terms of artwork. The artist really shines in this type of storytelling. As for the story itself.....eeehhhhh, it's ok. It kind of lacks a bit because of the whole "tree hugger" aspect of the story. But I suggest you pick this up just to be exposed to Kyle Strahm's artwork, well worth it.

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