Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review - Hack/Slash #6

Hack/Slash #6 by Image Comics. Written by Tim Seeley. Drawn by Daniel Leister. $3.50.

This issue leads into the new storyline that mostly centers around Cassie and Vlad. She is seeing Slashers kill people in her dreams and heads to LA to find out who the slasher is and to kill them.

It makes fun of Lady Gaga, Jersey Shore and rappers all in one issue. Once again the artwork is back with the regular artist and doesn't miss a beat in this issue either.

The comic is simply a guilty pleasure to all the fans. Tim Seeley brings his creations to life but is not scared of playing around with them as well. I think he has had a better time at it since he has moved to Image Comics, and will continue to bring out a solid book for the fans.

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