Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Black Death, I'm kind of speechless with this film.

This movie is one of the best Gothic Thriller/Horror I have seen in a long time. You can't take your eyes off the film, hell you won't want too.

The film is set in the Dark ages when the Black plague flowed over Britain killing fifty-percent of the entire populace. Some believe that the plague is God's will to punish the transgressors living in Britain; others the Devil to weaken their faith.

Sean Bean is amazing in this movie, as he is in any medieval film he chooses to take part in. He is the leader of a group of men sent to investigate a village that is un-affected by the plague, hence there must be devilry at hand. In doing so he stops at a monastery to find a monk guild to lead them to the village, and a young boy, conflicted by his love for a woman and his faith, offers to take the task.

The movie keeps you guessing at every turn, not letting you know who is the real "good guy" and who is the bad. The depiction of medieval Britain as a gritty, bloody, and superstitious realm is brought to life by the director in such detail I actually cringed at some of the parts.

The story is well thought out and keeps the intrigue, horror of the time, and mystery coming at every angle, keeping you glued to your seat. Even the ending is quite a surprise if not a bit sad, but makes the movie almost come full circle.

This movie, I highly recommend, not for it's horror aspect (because if you are looking for a big monster, or Saw like gore, this isn't for you), but for the captivating story that makes you question their ethics, faith and over all motivations for doing what they do.

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