Sunday, August 14, 2011

Review - Crossed #4

Crossed #4 by Avatar. Written by David Lapham. Drawn by Raulo Caceres. $3.99.

Ahhhh my month is complete now that I get to read this piece of classical literature. Like all great stories it starts with a woman barfing and leads right into a skinned man and woman. Not to be out-done, they continue with a man having sex with a comatose woman only to slap her around because she starts to cry.

This classical piece continues with more sex and another man fantasizing about joining in by sodomizing the woman. Mark Twain would be proud. But wait, true to form, we then go to a man that had his penis cut off, probably being worn by some lovely lady as a high quality necklace.

But this issue couldn't end without a return to the high quality scene of people in a swimming pool that is full of blood and body parts that are put in it with wood chippers and mowers. Oh did I mention the bodies that are being used to chop up are live children and babies. William Shakespeare himself can only dream of writing this good of a story.

Oh fuck, I can't believe I got thru this review with out drowning in the bullshit I have been spewing. Once again this comic and story is the biggest piece of shit I have read since the last issues. Really, it's bad, so bad I think Avatar should be paying it's customers to read this, or at least do like they did in the eighties and poly-bag it with a barf-bag or better yet, a check for $3.99.

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