Monday, July 4, 2011

Open Invite to the Independent Scene

We here at truly feel that there are tons of aspiring filmmakers and artists out there that have a great vision that the world should see. The editor and chief of and I were talking about this and were wondering what we could do. That's when my brain storm occurred. I said to my boss "boss...wouldn't it be fun and exhilarating to watch films that no one has seen?" and he said "Well yeah..duh".So then I said. "So big man can I request our readers send us their films and work to review?" He thought about it for a bit and said "Well its your idea so you take it and run...and don't ever call me that again" So i did a victory dance and said thanks, kissed his ring and left..he makes us all do that.
Here is the deal folks: the website is giving me the okay to give an open invitation to all indy filmmakers to send me their work. I will personally watch it all and then I will review it. I will give an honest review of the content..and not necessarily the production quality. I will tell you right now i have been part of and seen some very low quality productions but those same productions contained good content.
I also know what it is like to be stuck in a job you hate while a passion you have has to be put on the back burner. It quite possibly is one of life's worst feelings. I want to be able, if I can, to give a voice to those who haven't been able to get out their message. It is not beyond the realm of possibility to be able to link to your work or possibly put a preview up if we think it is a great effort.
I want the readers of this website to be able to not only see reviews and interviews for major releases, but I want desperately for them to see what the independent scene is doing. So I want all of you aspiring film makers whether it be for short films, full length finished products, partial edits..anything that you think will cast a good light on you and your craft to me: David Winterborne. I will also accept films that maybe you have seen and feel strongly about that other reviewers or sites have overlooked.
So if you think what you have done is good and you want light shed on it send me an email.
After i receive your mail i will give you an address to send your work to.
Hope to see tons of feedback and even more films...thanks.
**as a bit of a disclaimer let me say that although while considering budget and equipment used in my critique i will not just give it a good review because it was OK or decent..i will say it is OK or descent..and if it's bad wellllll i'm gonna say it's bad. I am a fair man with a love for film but i will not just give out passes.**
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