Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review - Hellblazer #281

Hellblazer #281 by Vertigo/DC comics. Written by Peter Milliagn, Drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli. $2.99

Part five, and the end to the storyline of Phantom Pains. In this issue Gemma finally springs her trap on John only to find out she might have been mistaken. The demon looks like a half hawk and half female, taking the form of one of the Furies and proceeds to kick Johns ass as he struggles with something he thought he got rid of: fear.

The story has been compelling, showing John in a different light as he is now married and has other things to worry about. Gemma on the other hand seems to be in a world of her own, or that they are trying to develop her as a mage in her own right. Renee, his new wife, is one hell of a alchemist and I can only assume that she will become more and more intertwined in future story as they are written.

One note here, DC, the owner of Vertigo, has decided to bring John Constantine back into the "super-hero" universe. It isn't certain if this will impact future issue of the Vertigo title or if the "super-hero" John Constantine will be a separate entity in himself.

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