Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Review - Gore #3

Gore #3 by GG Studios. Written by Alex Crippa, Drawn By Emilio Laiso. $2.99

Ok, I think it is time to let this one go. I have given the art a good review and stood by for three issues to give it some "room" to develop, but now it just seems slow going and some S&M's idea of a fairytale.

The guy can draw, I will give him that. His women look very hot but his men all look fat or they have a chin bigger than Jay Leno's. His designs for the "evil" fairytale people, are unique but make me think I am getting ready to read a S&M comic or a snuff film.

The story and characters are not developing very well. You can barely tell what fairytale person is who, and when they introduce a new one, like in this issue, they don't even tell you who they are. It is getting confusing as hell.

I think the writer had a good idea, it was a interesting take on the fairy tales, but he seems be too slow in developing it. I want to know more about the "evil" people not just see the main "hero" run around all the time in the story. Plus it seems the "evil" females are more thought out then the males, making this, in all honesty, a tits and ass comic.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review - Witch Doctor #2

Witch Doctor #2 by Image Comics. Written by Brandon Seifert and Drawn by Lukas Ketner.

I'm sorry this cover is funny. I have seen guys give worse looks at a baby when it shits its pants, I can imagine the look anyone would give it if it looked this this, lol.

Oh my god this issue is hilarious and so many baby jokes that will make you laugh your ass off. How do you get a demon baby to drop its glamour? " Shake a baby! Shake it like a Polaroid picture! --of an Etch-a-sketch--and some Maracas!" And that is just from two panels.

These guys are hitting the mark like a bullet from a gun. It just gets better and better. The artwork brings eerie visuals to the creations of the demons and the writing is just fantastic, it keeps you reading and puts the humor in perfectly. They have also made it easier to read by explaining the more "doctor terms" in the story. I know this is just a four issue limited series, but I hope they make it a monthly because it is one of the better titles to come out in the comic world recently. This is a definite buy for any fan of the paranormal, horror, even metaphysical style of comic reading and collecting.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Review - American Vampire #17

American Vampire #17 by Vertigo/DC Comics. Written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Rafael Albuquerque. $2.99.

"All Right you ugly you made me mad!" Skinner Sweet.

Ghost War continues as the group breaks out of their cells and with Skinner in the lead, start killing anyone in their way. But almost all is lost when they are trapped and see no way out.

This issue is a blood bath. After waiting for Snyder to have Skinner cut loose, you get to see him ripping the Axis forces like a knife through butter. Rafael just brings on the pain as his visuals bring to life the race to escape and the gory blood bath that Skinner gives to any in their way.

When all but Henry seems to be dead, Skinner saves him so he can kill him himself only to be stopped by Pearl, who masqueraded as a nurse to get to the island.

The next issue will be a shit-kicker, since Skinner and Pearl will finally square off against each other, with Henry as the prize.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Review - Rachel Rising #1

Rachel Rising #1 by Abstract Studios. Written & Drawn by Terry Moore. $3.99.

"Death s not the worst thing that can happen to you." Plato.

Terry Moore is known for his series Strangers In Paradise that was praised by anyone that read it. He has written or drawn titles for Marvel and DC over the years but still loves the self-publishing freedom to write what he wants to.

The story starts out with Rachel dead and buried. But as a mysterious woman looks over her make shift grave, she comes to life and forces her way out and stumbles away. She then goes home and tries to piece together what happened to her.

Terry is known for telling a lot of his story in the pictures without words and most of this comic is that way. But don't be fooled, he is a master at doing it. He makes completely thought out characters, even the not so important supporting cast, that compel you to read his comics and want to see what happens. This title is no exception.

Being as it is just the beginning, you are left hanging at the end, but it just makes you want to see the next issue even more. Though this is his first endeavor into the horror genre, with his past accomplishments, I am sure this will be another winner for him.

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